We make games and interactive media applications. We mix pixel dust, numbers and a little bit of magic to bring your ideas to life...

Since 2007 we've been proud to design and create amazing software for companies such as Hasbro, Marmalade, Microsoft and many others. We would love to create something amazing for you too!

We’ll put together your design proposal, game design documentation and give you our thoughts and guidance based on the foundation of over 20 years of experience making games for both console and mobile.
Faster than a speeding bullet! Our fully interactive prototypes find holes where complex design documents could only hope to scratch the surface. We can prove (or disprove) your core mechanics quickly!
We create games, educational titles, applications and tools that will make you wet your pants. We work mainly for clients but then we do our own stuff in our spare time. We just can’t stop making things! Web Gl, iOS, Android, Windows Phone…we do all that stuff.


Enabling Play create games and apps for children with learning difficulties. In Spring 2016 Rule of Fun were proud to develop 2 games for the the team, both of which will be available on the app store soon. Learn more.

In early 2016 Rule of Fun helped Figment Productions develop software for Thorpe Park's new virtual reality ghost train. We helped develop both the VR content as well a safety and administration tablet app for the train's operating staff.
Learn more.


Apps for Good are a charity which help young people create apps that change the world. We worked with Apps For Good and winning student team 'Ben & Rebecca' to develop 'My World of Atoms'. An award winning app to help students learn the periodic table. Learn more.

Rule of Fun worked for Marmalade Game Studio to design and develop many games in 2015 including; Play Doh, Twister Moves, Nerf Zombie Strike and several other Hasbro arcade games.Learn more.


56 Lysons Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1NH

Email: info@ruleoffun.com

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